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For European students that would like to specialise in water technology and look for a future in that direction there is an oppertunity to study at the WaterCampus in the Netherlands. You can combine a study at VHL University with an internship and sometimes a paid job at the Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW), depending on the available projects.

Become a specialist in Sustainable Water Technology
As you know water and especially water quality is vital to people, animals and plants. At present 1.1 billion people have no safe drinking water, 2.5 billion people have no safe sanitation. The shortage of safe fresh water is increasing and biodiversity is decreasing. This calls for new sustainable technologies. Water technology contributes to preventing diseases, protecting nature and finding new sustainable solutions. At present there are not enough specialists in the world to work on this.

According to the human capital roadmap water of the sector only in The Netherlands there is already a need for 40.000 new employees in the sector between now and 2020. The sector is still growing, not only in The Netherlands but worldwide. The sector needs more young people. We would like you to be one of them! VHL University has been a specialist in water technology education and applied research since 1984. Now we offer you the opportunity to become a specialist in Sustainable Water Technology.

Our offer:

  • A Bachelor Programme in Sustainable Water Technology
  • A paid part time job next to your studies
    *so as a European student you become eligible for a full student grant from the Dutch government

This includes:

  • A program tailored to your previous education, knowledge and skills;
  • Multidisciplinary and interactive way of teaching and learning;
  • Practical experience in applied research projects;
  • Contacts with different kinds of companies and experts;
  • State-of-the-art facilities to explore your talents and develop your skills;
  • Contacts with fellow international students;
  • Opportunity to get a job with one of the water related companies in our network;
  • A great experience.

VHL University

VHL University is the biggest ‘Green’ University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. It is an internationally oriented university: it has developed a range of studies and courses in the field of sustainable development, like water technology, especially for international students. Read more about VHL University.

Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW)

The CEW is a unique collaboration between education- and research institutes, governments and enterprises with the aim to enhance today’s water technology. We do this by educating scientific and technological talent by connecting professional practice to education and by conducting applied research projects that develop innovative solutions for companies and water authorities. A true innovation accelerator.

More information and application

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