Aziz Kurniawan

Indonesian 26 years old I chose this study because I worked on water business before in Indonesia and to support my carreer in the water industry. From Wetsus Academy I got information about CEW as a part of WaterCampus in Leeuwarden. At CEW I worked on the Thiopaq project. This project is about a biological desulfurization technology developed by the company Paques BV. This project is related with optimization of the process technology. I chose the Thiopaq project because I had an experience with it. I did my internship at Paques and worked on the same project at that time.

From my periode at CEW, I learned about the technical research; how to keep the reactor (Thiopaq installation) stable, and observing the small detail change in the reactor’s parameter. Furthermore I learned how many stakeholders can work together such as the Water Application Centre, Van Hall University of Applied Sciences and CEW. Apart from the technical/ research part, I also learned the Dutch language. CEW provides the student to take Dutch courses, and I participated in that.

Leeuwarden is a beautiful city with a beautiful canal honestly. The limit of the city is just its location. In my personal opinion, Leeuwarden little bit far from another city in The Netherlands. For Frisian/ Dutch people (because I cannot see the differences), I think they are nice people and open to foreigner like me. I feel they treat me well. I lived at student housing provided by StudenStay.

After I finish my period here in CEW, I will go back to Indonesia. I will pursue my career there. CEW played a role as a provider of a temporary Job for me. My short-term plan is working in water sector in Indonesia. Understand the water business in Indonesia and in the future, I am planning to become a player in this area. For example make a company, which provide technology and consultancy in water business.
If you like applied research I think CEW is a good place to start. What I like about working in CEW is the environment and the people inside. The people I worked with are really nice and helpful. They help me to settle in Leeuwarden, help me with providing Dutch courses and we did some nice activity together such as going to the bar or barbeque. Moreover, CEW is located in WaterCampus, which provides an opportunity to contact with another people from another company/research center in water area.

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