Student in the spotlight: Harrison Nabaala

27 mei 2019.
Harrison Nabaala

My name is Harrison Nabaala, I am from Kenya and 28 years old. I am currently in the final part of my master programme in Water Technology at Wetsus Academy. I wanted to specialize in water technology because of my situation at home. Back in Kenya there is a shortage of water and drinking water is not safe. We drank dirty water from the ponds which, as a child, I thought was normal. We did not know about the dangers of dirty drinking water and I saw some of my friends getting ill from it.

I started studying environmental engineering which had some water related courses already. After that I knew for sure I wanted to study more about water technology. I finished my thesis at Wetsus and decided I wanted to develop my expertise further at the CEW. Here I get to do a literature research on advanced catalytic oxidation processes. The process involves the use of ozon, hydrogen peroxide and a top catalyst. This catalyst is normally being used in the automotive industry to reduce the production of indissoluble products like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide and we want to find out if this technique can be used in waste water treatment as well.

What I like about my internship at CEW is that we have an international community here. The CEW has an environment with students and professionals from all over the world where you can share ideas with each other. There are so many options and diverse projects to choose from, so you have the option to do what you like to do at CEW.

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