Student in the spotlight: Andrea Campoverde

21 jan 2021.

My name is Andrea Campoverde, I come from Ecuador and in my free time I draw, paint, do yoga and play the ukulele. I have a Civil Engineer bachelor’s degree and am currently studying a master’s degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management in Germany. At the moment I still live in Stuttgart, but I hope to move to Leeuwarden as soon as the necessary paperwork is completed.

I started to work in the water sector in 2015 after finishing a Course and Internship in China. From 2015-2016, I was part of the technical team of the National Water Plan in the Water Ministry of Ecuador. In 2017, the Water Plan was finalized, and I moved to the Irrigation Department in a Regional Level, in which I worked with farmers and professionals of Provincial Governments on irrigation projects. These projects had as objective to provide sufficient water for farmers.  

During my first semester in Germany, I saw a project presentation by a WAREM student at CEW, which really interested me. Anne Weiss, our course director, told us that CEW continuously offers internships in the field of water technology and a year later I applied. In December 2020 I started my internship as assistant project manager at the VIDA project (Value-Added Innovation in Food Chain).

At CEW I work alongside an international group of professionals in the VIDA project. I aid in the management part of the project. I manage the follow up with beneficiaries, evaluate technical and non-technical reports, in order to be on schedule with the deadlines. 

I see everyone working hard, being helpful and able to work as a team. The work environment at CEW is excellent to grow as a professional. Every person I have been in contact with has been incredibly helpful and willing to let me learn from them. 

My goal is to learn about the management in an international project. After this internship I want to finish the master’s degree in Germany and work in Europe to gain more experience. 

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