Water Application Centre

The WaterCampus offers facilities where businesses can undertake their own research. This can be performed at the Centre of Expertise for Water Technology (CEW) and/or the Water Application Centre (WAC), with the option of working together with middle vocational colleges and universities of applied science. Water Application Centre. The WAC is a fully equipped application centre. A unique location where companies and institutes can perform their research. The WAC is fed with a supply of various types of water for research purposes.

The WAC’s facilities include a research hall where test installations can be placed or built within the framework of a comprehensive infrastructure. The WAC is further equipped with chemical, microbiological and molecular laboratories including all the necessary equipment and expertise. The WAC off ers a complete analysis package in collaboration with other laboratories in the region. This allows for the testing and measurement of all the components involved in the research process.


Municipal waste water treatment technologies – Wetterskip Fryslân Leeuwarden

Entrepreneurs who are developing technologies for the sustainable, cost-efficient and/or environmental friendly treatment of water can test and demonstrate their technology at the Wetterskip demosite. This demosite has all facilities to test and demonstrate the technology on a large scale under practical conditions and on a wide range of water types, including waste water, sludge and effluent.

Hospital waste water – Antonius Hospital Sneek

Antonius Hospital– Entrepreneurs who are working on technologies to eliminate medicines and medicine residues from waste water can test and demonstrate their technology at the demosite at the Antonius Hospital. The water at the demosite is supplied by the hospital.

Desalination technologies – WetSalt Harlingen

Wetsalt – The Wetsalt demosite offers testing facilities for technologies for the sustainable desalination of sea water, ground water and wastewater, as well as technologies to generate energy from water. Situated at the Afsluitdijk (Enclosure Dam), the Wetsalt demosite has access to both sea water and fresh water. Additionally, the demosite has access to condensate, brine and canal water from the nearby canals.

Sensor technologies – SenTec Glimmen

Sentec – The Sentec demosite offers a great variety of water types and cutting-edge laboratory facilities to entrepreneurs who are developing sensors and data-measuring equipment.

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