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The Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW) is the Netherlands leading knowledge and innovation centre for applied research and product development in the field of water technology. The CEW brings together expertise from education, research, government and industry. We are your partner in the field of applied research, product development and research facilities.

On your behalf, the CEW works together with students and knowledge workers on applied research and product development. In this way the CEW trains future staff for the high-profile Water sector. Whether it concerns the development of a prototype or setting up a pilot project, the CEW will speed up your innovation cycle and shorten the time to market.

Frequently asked questions

Wetsus conducts fundamental research in the field of water technology. The CEW conducts applied research in the field of water technology. Ideas developed by Wetsus are expanded upon by the CEW for practical implementation.

No, the CEW teaches through practice, you learn the profession of water technology by doing it. Foreign students are offered a course in Dutch if they wish. You learn a lot, but the CEW is not a training institute.

No, the CEW is a non-profit foundation. The CEW does generate its own income by carrying out paid research for commercial clients. This is supplemented by subsidies from, among others, the Province of Friesland and the national government.

The global need for clean water will continue to increase dramatically in the coming years, and there is danger that there will be a shortage of qualified personnel in the water technology sector to address this crisis. The CEW contributes to ensuring that there will be enough well trained staff for this sector in the future. By carrying out applied water technology research together with students and teachers at universities of applied sciences, the CEW also helps companies to speed up innovation and solve water-related issues and problems.

No, students follow an internal CEW internship. The CEW is therefore not a job placement agency but an internship company.

The WaterCampus’ managing partners are Wetsus, the CEW and the Water Alliance. Additional partners are Leeuwarden Municipality, the Province of Friesland, the Centre for Innovative Craftsmenship Water (CIV Water) and the Water Application Centre (WAC).

Everything that has to do with the treatment of water: removing and adding substances to water, generating energy with water, desalinating water, etc.

Most of the trainees and project staff at the CEW attend a higher vocational course in Environmental Sciences, Chemical Engineering or Biotechnology, but we also regularly need intermediate vocational and higher education students too.

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Ask your question

CEW managing partner of WaterCampus Leeuwarden

Education, governments and the business community are represented, laying the foundation for optimal cooperation between these parties.

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De CEW-nieuwsbrief wordt maandelijks verstuurd en bevat nieuws over toegepast onderzoek, product- en onderwijsontwikkeling op het gebied van watertechnologie. Incidenteel kunt u een uitnodiging ontvangen voor een symposium of ander relevant evenement.
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