Interreg Deutschland-Nederland project CREATE further shaped at WaterCampus

17 Apr 2024.

On Tuesday 16 April, CEW welcomed its partners of the Interreg Deutschland-Nederland project CREATE, FH Münster and Kiemt, to WaterCampus Leeuwarden. The aim of the day was to follow up on the kick-off meeting in February in Steinfurt and further shape the project. The delegation from FH Münster got a good impression of our way of working and of the Waterapplicatiecentrum (WAC) and the Wetsus laboratory. Communication activities were discussed, and a division of tasks was better worked out.
The CREATE project, which runs from 2023 to 2026, seeks to harness the energy potential of wastewater and industrial residues through anaerobic treatment. This method reduces disposal costs and greenhouse gas emissions and replaces fossil fuels with biogas. In addition, the project is developing an innovative process that combines electrolysis and anaerobic treatment to convert electricity into biomethane, providing a decentralised wastewater treatment solution with significant advances. For example, this method ensures that no hydrogen storage infrastructure is needed anymore.
The other partners within the CREATE project are Molkerei Söbbeke GmbH & Co and Bruno Gelato GmbH.

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