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Do you want to mean something to the world and work on real-life assignments in an international environment? Then why not choose an internship or graduation position at the Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW), at WaterCampus Leeuwarden? The clients who you will work for at the CEW are all important players in the (water technology) market. Your placement will enable you to build up a relevant network while you’re studying and increase your job opportunities for the future!

The CEW carries out applied research in the field of water technology together with industry and universities of applied sciences. In this way, the CEW contributes to education and talent development and helps to accelerate innovation. At the CEW, you work with a motivated team of (permanent) employees and students. Together you devise, research and test innovative solutions to the growing global problems related to climate, environment, water and food.

We are looking for:
Enthusiastic bachelor’s and master’s students following a course that interfaces with water technology, e.g., chemistry, biotechnology, environmental science, chemical-physical or biological-medical analysis. Other training courses are also possible in consultation. In addition to process technologists, there is also a need in the water sector for communication experts, business experts, mechanical engineers, ICT specialists and many other disciplines.

This is what you are going to do:
Of course, what you do depends very much on the project you work on. In one project you help greenhouse farmers to remove crop protection agents from residual water, in another you test the purification capacity of a wetland roof or you investigate the savings that can be made with a rainwater collection system. There is a great deal of dynamism within the CEW with a constant stream of new projects that are all sourced directly from the field and intended for practical implementation. Depending on your interest, experience, training and background, we will try to place you in the most suitable project. You will be professionally supervised by experts from the world of water.

Your work environment:
Our office is located at the WaterCampus, Oostergoweg 9 in Leeuwarden. Here you will be follow an internship in a team of permanent employees and a constantly changing group of students (10 to 20). Depending on your project, you may also regularly be found at the Water Application Centre (WAC), where we conduct many of our studies, or on location with customers, or in the field.

Your profile:
You are curious and enterprising. You can work well independently and in a group. You have a sense of responsibility and are able to maintain an overview. You have good communication skills and you want to improve them even further.

What we offer you:
• a (graduation) internship suitable to your interest, experience, education and background
• working in an energetic and informal team together with other (international) students
• a socially relevant job
• opportunities for personal development
• outstanding career prospects

Your reaction:
Has what you’ve read here made you enthusiastic? Then send an email to with the subject ‘Internship placement’ or ‘Graduation placement’ and tell us why you want to do an internship or graduate at the CEW. For more information, please contact Maarten Trilsbeek on telephone number +31 58 210 09 19.

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