Educational Development

The Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW) is a unique partnership between education, research, governments and industry. Our mission is to train people for the high-profile Water sector and help entrepreneurs to innovate by carrying out applied research.

The CEW focuses primarily on universities of applied sciences. Students who do water-related studies such as environmental science, biotechnology or chemical technology can contribute to concrete issues in the field and help to devise solutions for the future. There is also a regular need for senior secondary vocational students and university graduates in these projects.

With the CEW, research and education are linked even more directly to the market.


In addition, the CEW develops initiatives to interest schoolchildren in the water sector. Students can take a profile test on, but can also find information about, for example, the profiles ‘nature and technology, nature and health’ and culture and society’. Because of the CEW’s contacts within education, it is also easy for students to ask questions about this difficult choice.

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