Student in the Spotlight: Rienk Douma

11 Nov 2021.
  • Age: 22 years old
  • From: City of Leeuwarden
  • Study: Communication and Multimedia Design, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

My name is Rienk Douma, I come from Leeuwarden and I just turned 22. I study Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD) at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden. I came into contact with the CEW through an assignment within our minor to increase the brand awareness of the CEW and water technology among students. I was stimulated by the assignment and wanted to get more out of it. This, together with my interest in (water) technology, was a good incentive to take further steps.

Immediately after the minor, I emailed the CEW to ask if they had a place for me. Once on the internship, I work together with a fellow CMD student on the various multimedia expressions for the CEW. Our main task is to build the foundation for a new water technology community!

So far I have been able to develop myself strongly in the areas of workflow, professional communication and I have increased my skills in several computer programs. The hardest part of this assignment is that we started with just a vision. We must draw up a plan based on wishes and future visions. This is often a matter of the well-known ‘trial & error’. But it’s already starting to look like something!

In addition to my internship, I like to tinker with technology. Whether it’s bicycles, computers or old amplifiers, I get satisfaction from repairing or building things with my own hands. Perhaps this is where my interest in technology comes from! After this internship, I will soon be approaching graduation, which I will take the first steps in immediately after completion. Whether this will be in the direction of water technology I’m not sure yet, but I’m considering it!

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