Student in the spotlight: Dennis Bergsma

31 Mar 2022.
  • Name: Dennis Bergsma
  • Age: 29 years old
  • From: Makkum
  • Education: NHL Stenden Communication and Multimedia Design

My name is Dennis Bergsma, I come from a harbor village called Makkum on the west side of the province of Friesland and have been living in Leeuwarden for about a year now. Before my current education I have studied Media Design at the Friesland College three years. After that I wanted to learn more about the “why” of designs and concepts, so I started studying Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) at NHL Stenden Hogeschool for more depth.

My decision to do an internship at CEW stemmed from a CEW project I worked on at NHL Stenden and an interest in water that grew out of that. Working in a multidisciplinary team and an international environment really appeals to me, also because it is very different from the internship I did before at a graphic design firm.

There is a wide variety of projects at CEW that I work on. From formatting all kinds of printed materials to creating illustrations. I also work on some larger projects, such as the WaterCampus Experience Day 2022, the CEW Community, and a format for social media posts.

I really like that I have my own place here as a CMD student. There is plenty to do and I feel that my experience as a designer comes in handy in this environment. Furthermore, the soup is very good here, haha!

After this internship, I’m going to start working on the last part of my bachelor’s degree. When that is done, I will look for a challenging company where I can keep learning and find my own place within a team.

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