Education:Internship vacancy:
Environmental TechnologyVacancy nr 2020022:
Monitoring of Farm Yard Emission (Dairy) Cattle Farms
Microbiology, Environmental Technology or ChemistryVacancy nr 2020197:
Platform Biofilm & Sensors
ChemistryVacancy nr 2020235:
Sensors for swimming pool water
Chemical Technology / Environmental TechnologyVacancy nr 2020239:
Validate plasma water treatment
ChemistryVacancy nr 2020242:
Testing of a copper-silver sensor
Chemical Technology / ChemistryVacancy nr 2020252:
Biofilm control on sensors
Hbo Milieukunde/ Chemische Technologie Vacancy nr 2020254:
Emission-free rinsing place for agricultural machinery
Environmental Technology/ Chemical TechnologyVacaturenr 2020269:
Remove medicine residues from waste water
ChemistryVacancy nr 2020275:
Recover copper & silver from water
Environmental Technology/ Chemical TechnologyVacancy nr 2020299:
Dewatering sludge

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