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“By working together with the CEW, we were able to develop a business case that looks very interesting, much faster than according to the project plan.”
8 Jan 2019. “We recently faced the challenge of removing 95% of plant protection products from greenhouse horticulturists’ wastewater, at 50% of standard costs. By working tog...
“We don’t conduct research to prove a theory, we address practical issues, things that meet a need and are required by the market.
16 Jul 2018. That gives me the feeling that this work is very important and I’m very motivated to get it done.”
“At Holland Water, we devote a lot of time and attention to R&D, and we’ve been working with the CEW in this field for many years.
16 Jul 2018. The CEW is an interesting partner for us because they offer knowledge and facilities in our field of water technology such as the Water Application Centre as well as s...
“The CEW is the broker between business and education.”
16 Jul 2018.      
“The CEW is a bridge between industry and knowledge, where the collaboration of both sectors results in dynamic applied research that examines the actual issues in water technology.”
16 Jul 2018.
“At the CEW I gain a lot of interesting practical experience in water technology. It’s an indispensable supplement to my study!”
9 Jul 2018.
“The CEW gives me the chance to be in practice get acquainted with various water technologies and to make an important contribution to both business and society.”
13 Jun 2017.
“The CEW offers a truly unique working environment where students from all over the world work together to solve real problems…
12 Jun 2017. taken directly form the water sector.”
“As an intern I broaden my knowledge about the importance of water technology, both in practice and theoretically.”
29 Mar 2017.

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