Project 211: Sample Analysis Rainmaker

Rainmaker’s purpose is to produce safe drinking water for communities in need so they can thrive and never go thirsty. Rainmaker offers a range of Air-to-Water and Water-to-Water technologies. These products deliver a better, more economical way to provide safe drinking water. Air-to-Water harvests fresh water from humidity in the atmosphere, while Water-to-Water transforms non-potable water (waste, salty, polluted, grey, or brackish) into safe drinking water. All can be wind or solar powered, so they leave no carbon traces. There are also options for grid and generator-powered models.

Research Objective
The research objective for this company was to analyse different samples of water and provide certified data for different parameters. Rainmaker needs certified data to demonstrate their techniques are working properly.

Method used
For this research water samples from Rainmaker were analysed at a certified laboratory CEW can make use of.


Not yet known.

Rainmaker, Ricardas Ziacas

Participating students, teachers, lectors, experts etc.
Bob van Bijnen (project manager)

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