Student in the spotlight: Dytmer van der Wal

2nd year student environmental science, specialisation environmental technology, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

My name is Dytmer van der Wal, I was born and raised in Fryslân, I am 18 years old and I come from the small village of It Heidenskip in the southwest of Fryslân. My hobbies are: sports (canal vaulting, cycling and swimming), drawing and gaming. I am currently in the second year of the environmental science course. I have completed pre-university education before this, but because I also want to be practically involved, I opted for a higher professional education. I am sure that I have found a good internship at CEW!

I have chosen environmental technology as a specialisation because it is a broad subject that fully covers the subjects that suit me, such as physics, chemistry and geography. Applied ecology was too much factual knowledge and water technology seemed a little too specific to me. I do not see myself as a true world improver, but if I can contribute to a better climate, I will gladly do it.

I came into contact with CEW through my study career counselor. She had received an email from CEW project manager Maarten Trilsbeek, which stated that CEW was looking for trainees. I then had an interview and that resulted in this internship. I already knew CEW and WaterCampus through my sister, who is doing a master’s in water technology at Wetsus Academy.

My internship assignment concerns a study into the removal of methane from reservoirs. This appeals to me a lot because it involves technologies that I would like to learn, such as membrane filtration and vacuum technology. I’m going to do a literature study on this. In my first week I already completed a preliminary investigation for another assignment. This project is about separating cellulose from disposables.

During my internship I would like to learn how to make a good report. I also want to gain a lot of practical skills.

Until now, I like my internship. The first day it took some searching and I mainly read. The second day I already received a specific assignment and after the third day I had a good idea of ​​the assignment and I could get started. At CEW you get the space to work independently and that suits me.

What I want to do later I do not know exactly, but I hope I find a nice job in Friesland because I think it is a very beautiful province!

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