Project 209: Titan Salt – Remove SO4 with nanotechnique

3 May 2019.

Titan Salt is committed to preparing salt plants for the future, creating innovative solutions to help salt plants rise above. Titan Salt has its own production facility, site support staff, and installation crew to manage turnkey projects. They were founded as an independent system provider with an in-house engineering department for process and mechanical development.

Research Objective

Remove SO4 with nanotechnique for more than 90 % from a salt concentration while maintaining potassium, sodium and chloride.

Method used

The research was a proof of principle for testing different kinds of membrane modules. Three different membranes where tested on lab scale to demonstrate if sulphate can be selectively separated from other ions. The testing conditions were: feed conditions according to the specifications of the membrane supplier, temperature between 20-90 °C, pressure 3 to 40 bars and the dilution of the brine from 1,2 to 40 times. From each membrane of installation a flow on element scale is calculated (kg/h) for the permeate and the concentrate.

For this research no further calculations were made because the lab scale was too small to scale up to real-time.


Two sets of NF experiments were performed with two different membranes. One of the membranes resulted to be very efficient in removing the sulphates within the specifications of the project. However, a large part of the rest of the ions ended up in the concentrate as well, not matching the described requirements. One membrane was tested more suitable for the purpose since it showed a more uniform and stable behavior, at different brine dilutions (20%, 50%, and 85%) and 20 and 40 bars pressure.


Titan Salt, Koos Boersma

Participating students, teachers, lectors, experts etc.

Victor Manuel Torres Serrano, Bob van Bijnen, Sarah Morales (Wetsus Academy student)

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