A water-related study offers exciting perspectives

The future of the world depends to a large extent on how we deal with water. That is why the world is crying out for people with a passion for water. Worldwide, more and more water is needed for consumption, sanitation, industry and agriculture. But how do you extract that water; how do you make it suitable for all the various applications and how do you transport it to where people want to use it? These are all aspects that are addressed in a water-related study, as is the detection of contaminants in water and the development of sustainable technologies in which water is used as a source of energy and valuable raw materials. Someone who has completed a water-related study has many options and can play an important role in the world of water.

Are you looking for a career in the water sector?

Leeuwarden is the best place in the Netherlands to follow an education in the field of water. The CEW has developed a complete Study Track in Water Technology. This means that all graduate students (senior secondary vocational and higher vocational education, university and PhD) can enrol in water technology programmes and leave as an innovative professional, an expert in water technology or an excellent water researcher.

What training courses can you follow?

Nordwin College and Friesland College work together as MBO Life Sciences and offer various water-related courses. After one of the programmes, you can move on to a higher vocational education programme. Examples are: Environmental Science at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, and Land and Water Management, Coastal and Marine Management and Rural Renewal. The NHL and VHL universities of applied sciences work together under the name LifeScience & Technology. Here you can follow the Major in Water Technology and various water-related Minors. You can also enrol in the Major in Water Technology from Van Hall Larenstein’s Environmental Sciences course. At Wetsus Academy you can follow the Master’s in Water Technology.

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